Hi there!

 My name is Aimee Stubbs. This site is an online record of my journey in librarianship.

Picture of Aimee StubbsCurrently, I am a Library Specialist at a community college. My ongoing projects include creating displays, writing posts for my library’s blog, and taking care of our manga collection.

I began a Master of Science – Library Science in Fall 2018 at the University of North Texas. Previously, I earned an AAS Library Technician and a Bachelor of General Studies with concentrations in History and Women’s Studies.

You can reach me at aimeestubbs85 [at] gmail [dot] com and on Twitter.

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Catching Up

Once again, I’ve gone quite a long time without any substantial posts. I regretted not blogging during my Library Technician program, so I plan to change that while completing my Master’s degree.

I was accepted to the University of North Texas’s Library Science program and began taking classes this fall. Although I intend to pursue a General Program of Study, I am also strongly considering completing a graduate academic certificate in Digital Curation and Data Management. Currently, I am taking INFO 5000 Information and Knowledge Professions and INFO 5740 Intro to Digital Libraries, and I registered to take INFO 5200 Information Organization and INFO 5841 Digital Curation Fundamentals in the spring.

Admittedly, I am finding taking two classes to be a bit difficult on top of working full time and my church leadership commitments, but I am enjoying them. In 5000, we completed group projects where we were assigned job titles and needed to find 30 recent job advertisements to analyze and find trends. My group received the title Cybrarian, which we found very difficult to find, and the three we did were essentially Digital Asset Manager positions. After a group member looked up the definition of Cybrarian, we expanded our search and included ads for Electronic Resources Librarians, Digital Librarians, Digital Asset Managers, etc. and found enough to analyze. In 5740, my group with create a digital library collection using Omeka. We are using Slack for our group communication, which is new to me.

Roughly half of the staff in my library changed over the past year or so. Some coworkers who already completed their MLS were hired for librarian positions elsewhere, and others are moving on to other libraries or different types of work. Besides training new people, this meant reallocating responsibilities several times. I no longer do all of the displays and am responsible for helping supervise the student workers, maintaining the manga collection, keeping event and display statistics, and am the backup person for ILLs. I still maintain the blog and am the backup technology person. Additionally, our technical services department is exploring digital collections within Alma, so I am coordinating communication between them and my campus’ art department to see if the images and information from the permanent art collection can be made available online.